M Matcha ice cubes

29/07/2021 20:49
M Matcha ice cubes

In this summer heat matcha is best served cold. Don’t you agree?

Switch things up a bit and cool down your favorite beverages with matcha ice cubes!

Apple juice, orange juice, plant milk, mineral water, ginger tea, peppermint tea, lemonade… you name it. Add this matcha twist to any drink that you like. Not only is it going to be pleasing to your taste buds, but you will also reap all the wonderful health benefits of matcha at the same time.

Requiring approximately 1 minute of your time, they are incredibly simple to make, but super fun and exciting nonetheless. All you need is matcha powder, water and an ice cube tray!

Depending on the drink, you can of course choose to further sweeten it to your liking.

When mixing the matcha powder with water for the ice cubes, use our e-mixer or the bamboo whisk, otherwise a teaspoon or a hand mixer will also do the job.

Impress your guests or simply indulge yourself and spice up your regular matcha latte with these ice cubes. Be sure to let us know if you have made them! ;)

M Matcha ice cubes with coconut milk

M Matcha ice cubes with orange juice

M Matcha ice cubes with coconut milk in a glass

M Matcha ice cubes pure