Why M Matcha?


Matcha tea is the rarest, most expensive tea in the world, however, it is crucial that you choose an original, authentic product since there are so many poor quality matcha powders on the market. A telltale sign is a lower price point, pale color or bitter taste.

M Matcha teas are all original products of Japan, they represent the highest quality in their respective categories so that you can enjoy their amazing health benefits as well as their special aroma. High quality matcha has that so-called 'umami' flavor. It is the fifth basic taste after sweet, salty, bitter and sour. In Japanese culture, umami means a sense of balance: it removes the need for spices and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth and a profound impact on the soul.


Matcha teas generally fall into one of two categories: ceremonial or culinary grade.

Every matcha tea is a mix, prepared by tea masters with the utmost care. The leaves on top of the tea plant are the freshest and sweetest, they are used to make ceremonial grade matcha, whereas the leaves on the bottom half of the tea plant are used to make culinary grade matcha. The quality of matcha tea also depends on the time of harvest: note that matcha can be made from first, second and third tea harvests as well. M Matcha Koicha, Ceremonial and Premium are all classified as ceremonial grade matcha teas.


Matcha tea is produced in quite a few places across the globe, however, the best quality teas come from Japan!

The city of Uji is located near Kyoto, it is considered the most respectable matcha growing region. Matcha from Uji was used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies - its history goes back hundreds of years and it represents a standard in matcha production. The Uji region is as iconic to matcha tea as the Bordeaux region is for wine in France. It guarantees top quality. In this region, tea leaves are not roasted, but dried at lower temperatures. These teas are known for their high quality, and channel a grassy creaminess, with notes of white flowers and umami.

Fukuoka is located on the island of Kyushu. It is a much younger matcha growing region, but has quickly established itself as one of the highest quality matcha producers in the past 10-15 years. The finest gyokuro in the last 20 years has grown in this region as well.

That is why matcha from Fukuoka has earned its place among the best. Their teas opened up a new chapter in matcha making. With a higher fire temperature, you can sense flavors of toasted hazelnut, cacao, mixed with some of those more familiar notes of umami and sweetness.