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“An exceptional product. Noticeably fresh and vibrant, I’ve been having a matcha every single day for 2 months now, can’t imagine my mornings without it, it has a really positive effect on me. My work-related anxiety is gone, I feel great, so much better than before!” Gábor M.

“Excellent! The absolute highest quality! Really delicious, excellent quality and incredibly vitalizing. That is why I am now a regular customer. Please keep up these high standards. Sincerely: a satisfied, returning customer of yours.” Cecília Sz.

“Quality product, provides a great energy boost, but does not cause my blood pressure to spike like coffee does. It promotes better digestion as well.” T. Mária

“Really delicious and all the facts that have been said about the health benefits of matcha turned out to be true.” Szénássy B.

“I LOVE IT! I drink it every day or prepare a nice snack with it. I do sports and ever since I started consuming M Matcha regularly, not only did my performance increase, my skin also got a lot clearer. It provides me with sustained energy, but promotes relaxation at the same time. So happy that you guys exist. :)” P. Judit

“It’s incredible! I started drinking it about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I feel like I have more energy, I don’t get tired so easily, my brain is more active throughout the entire day. My metabolism has noticeably improved, though I had problems with it before. It’s awesome!! Can’t recommend enough!" K. Virág

"I had tried a different matcha tea before, but that was not 100% pure matcha, this is a completely different experience. You just have to learn how to prepare it properly so there are no lumps, so I would recommend investing in the bamboo whisk as well. I drink it instead of coffee, it is the perfect pick-me-up in the early afternoon." - Kiss K.

"Your page is beautiful, easy to follow, informative. Delivery was fast, the product can be tracked at all times. It's a super delicious, quality product with a beautiful, vibrant green color in a lovely packaging. Would recommend to others." - Gabriella P.

"My order arrived fast:) I'm so in love with it! I made the switch from my morning coffee (I loved my coffee!) to a matcha latte and never looked back :) I feel more energized, and the taste is divine, too:)" - Henriett M.

"I consume it daily, I feel fresh and energized, my metabolism is faster, my workouts are more effective!!! It is a wonderful, charismatic culinary experience, can't recommend enough!!!" - Andrea S.


"Quality product, lovely customer service, adequate information, fast delivery: a trustworthy store." - Mária P.


"My Koicha tea arrived today, I didn't think there would be this big of a difference compared to teas bought elsewhere. The foam is much thicker, longer lasting, the taste is richer with a roasted almond/nutty flavor profile, it provides a completely different experience than all my earlier attempts!" - M Gergely

"It arrived quickly, the quality is impeccable. Can't recommend enough!" - Virág G.


"Characteristic taste, I start every morning with this matcha tea." - Ildikó T.


"This matcha tea has given me a second chance to live a healthier life. Every cup of matcha consumed gives me strength every day to continue with my weight loss goals. As soon as I drink it, I light up and feel energized. Not to mention the beautiful colors and all the creative projects that I can do with it, it makes my day every time. Everybody should try it!!" - Virág K. 


"Complete trust! I absolutely trust both the product and the store. Thank you!" - Kata M. 


"Fantastic taste, an authentic experience. I ordered a gift box for my partner's birthday, every single product is fantastic and your premium matcha has an outstanding taste. I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking to bring some calmness into their mornings. :)" - Szabó B.

"Excellent! I'm 100% satisfied! It's delicious and gives me great energy!" - Kevin J.

"I am satisfied with the product. My daily performance is better than if I were to have coffee twice a day!" - Fruzsina V.

"Superb quality, fast delivery. I receive my order very quickly every time, still the highest quality, beats all the other teas I have tried." - Zsuzsanna B.

"An excellent way to start the day and it's really delicious :) I love it :)" - Evelin S.

"It works for me, I feel so much better ever since I've been drinking it. I put it into rice or oatmilk with a little bit of chlorella algae and that's it. I like it. A refreshing and healthy morning/afternoon drink. :)" - Anikó V.

"Its beautiful emerald color and divine aroma shine brightly in smoothies, it works great as a latte as well. I have it every day, it has become an essential ingredient in my cakes and frostings as well. I simply love it!" - Andrea H.

"The Green energy. I consume the product in latte form. It works perfectly, gives me great energy during the morning rush. Would recommend to everyone." - Gyöngyi R.

"Very good quality, tasty tea! The best I have tried so far." - Adrienn G.


"I drink it every morning, I'm satisfied with its physiological effect." - Ibolya D.


"An exceptional taste experience. Delicious, with a pleasantly bitter, green flavor profile. It's a real treat with almond milk. I'm starting to shift from coffee to a matcha latte. I'm glad I had ordered a bamboo whisk too, it finally allowed me to perfectly dissolve the tea powder in water without any lumps." -  Andrea M.


„It's delicious. My wife and I drink it every day with frothy coconut/almond/rice milk." - Bálint S.


"It's delicious. I drink it with a little bit of cream, it's really good, I've already placed two orders, both times for the biggest bag size. Even my partner likes to drink it, although he is much more into coffee. Would recommend to all matcha lovers out there!" - Nóra D.

„It's refreshing and really delicious. It's much more effective at waking me up than coffee."  - Tünde B.


„The Best taste!” - Menyes R.

"I've been a matcha consumer for years now. I had been drinking it well before it became popular in our country. Thanks to M Matcha, I can now easily buy it when I'm home in Hungary. They have high quality and really delicious products! I do sports regularly, and I'm pretty active, matcha is my jam:))" - Huszar A.

"It's fantastic! I received it as a gift a month ago, I've been drinking it every single day ever since. It gives me great energy for the entire day, it has helped me reduce a stubborn inflammation, my rosacea is gone as well... it's incredible! for the price, it is excellent quality and you don't need too much for one cup of tea, I'm still using my first bag after one month... My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner!" - Edina K.