All M Matcha tea powders are made from 100% pure green tea leaves, without any additives. They're all from Japan and go through the exact same processes during production. The only difference is in the time of harvest and the position of the harvested leaves on the plant. These variables may cause differences in their aroma, but not in their effects.



Koicha is the true essence of tea. An exceptional taste experience that only the best quality matcha can give. That is why M Matcha Koicha is made exclusively of the youngest leaves from the top of the tea plant, picked with the utmost care at the very beginning of harvest season, thus resulting in the best possible taste, so that you can enjoy the naturally sweet, full-bodied, intensely fresh aroma of the tea, as well as its vibrant, jade green color and rich, creamy texture.

  • Place of origin: Fukuoka

  • Method of preparation: Mix with water only and enjoy the pure tea as is - either as koicha (thick tea, the highlight of tea ceremonies), or as usucha (thin tea). Traditionally used in tea ceremonies.

  • Recommended for: Experienced matcha lovers, who are already familiar with the world of matcha and can sense and appreciate special aromas and those unique matcha notes. It’s a great choice for those looking to try an exceptionally high quality tea. It has a characteristic, nutty flavor.



M Matcha Ceremonial is made exclusively of the freshest tea leaves from the top of the plant, from the first spring harvest. This matcha powder is vibrant, jade green in color with a characteristic, rich aroma. With its luscious, sweet and airy taste and creamy texture, it is recommended for traditional matcha tea ceremonies.

  • Place of origin: Fukuoka

  • Method of preparation: Recommended for tea ceremonies. Mix with water only and prepare as usucha (thin tea).

  • Recommended for: Those looking to familiarise themselves with, or perhaps delve deeper into the topic of Japanese tea consumption and traditional tea ceremonies and try a high quality, foamy matcha tea with an exceptional aroma. It has a more fruity and airy flavor profile.



M Matcha Premium is a ceremonial grade matcha tea that is made using the freshest leaves from the top of the plant, from the first harvest. It boasts of a rich, sweet aroma and a vibrant green color. 

Enjoy it as a creamy and foamy tea or as your classic matcha latte. Lattes made with M Matcha Premium are sweeter, milder and more vibrant green in color than those drinks prepared with matcha powders from the second or third harvest.

  • Place of origin: Fukuoka

  • Method of preparation: Mix with water only and prepare as usucha (thin tea), or prepare a latte with foamed milk, and drink either hot or cold.

  • Recommended for: If you are just entering the world of matcha, M Matcha Premium is your best bet. Perfect for those who are experimenting with this specialty for the very first time, looking to explore its unique, delicious taste and wonderful health benefits.



With its special, characteristic taste and bright green color, M Matcha Culinary is a high quality mix of matcha powders from the first and second tea harvest of the season. Recommended for making matcha lattes, refreshing smoothies and many other delicious matcha treats from ice cream to macarons. Experiment away!

  • Place of origin: Uji, Japan

  • Method of preparation: Enjoy as a delicious (flavored) latte, also perfect for making smoothies, desserts and other treats.

  • Recommended for: 

    • those looking to primarily enjoy the health benefits of matcha 
    • those who do enjoy the taste of matcha, but prefer to consume it as a flavored latte or as a healthy, energizing smoothie
    • those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and would love to try matcha as a special ingredient



The fragrant and fruity aroma of cherry blossoms is perfectly harmonious with the fresh, characteristic taste of matcha. Boasting of a rich, sweet aroma and a vibrant green color, M Matcha Sakura is made using leaves from the top of the tea plant from the very first harvest.  

  • Place of origin: Fukuoka
  • Method of preparation: Enjoy it as foamy tea or a creamy matcha latte.
  • Recommended for: Those looking to try something new! It is similar to M Matcha Premium, but with a touch of cherry blossoms flavor.


To recap, M Matcha Koicha, Ceremonial, Premium and Sakura are all ceremonial (higher grade) matcha tea powders, meaning they are perfect to be enjoyed as pure tea. M Matcha Culinary - as the name suggests - is a culinary grade matcha tea that can be consumed as pure tea, although provides the best matcha experience when combined with other flavors.