Matcha lemonade with ginger and mint

01/09/2021 16:20

You are going to love this minty, ginger-y matcha lemonade recipe! Not only is it wonderfully refreshing and yummy, it also has amazing health-boosting properties.

Okay, so what are these?

Firstly, there is the matcha tea, which has fantastic health benefits such as:
- it is incredibly rich in antioxidants
- provides long-lasting energy since its caffeine is absorbed a lot more slowly into the bloodstream
- helps with concentration and focus
- helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes or stroke
- alleviates stress, promotes better mood
- speeds up metabolism and boosts fat burning

M Matcha lemonade with ginger and mint

Mint can be a great help to those with digestive issues. Menthol helps to alleviate muscle spasms and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Moreover, both lemon and ginger promote better energy and metabolism, and they also have powerful antioxidants and support immune function.

So see below your recipe for a super refreshing & energizing summer lemonade that is perfect for those hot days!


2x500 ml water
4 tsp M Matcha Culinary
A small piece of ginger
2 lemons
2 limes
sweetener to taste (honey, coconut sugar syrup or maple syrup)
mint leaves

ingredients for M Matcha lemonade with ginger and mint


1. Boil water. To make ginger tea, first slice ginger and pour half of your boiling water over it. Cover with a lid.
2. The other half of the boiled water will be used to make matcha tea. Wait a couple of minutes so the water cools down a bit, then mix with matcha powder using a bamboo whisk or a hand whisk.
3. Add ginger and matcha tea to a pitcher, then add the juice of the lemons and limes as well as your sweetener of choice.
4. For garnish, slice up a lime and a lemon and add them to your drinking glasses along with some ice cubes and mint leaves (alternatively, you can use cucumber slices too), then pour the matcha-ginger tea over it. Enjoy! :)

M Matcha lemonade with ginger and mint